Search Engine Marketing

  • SEO: I study about Google regularly. Over the last 10+ years I’ve successfully ranked 100′s of web pages on page #1 on Google through strategic and ethical optimization.
  • Web Design: 90% of successful web design is content strategy and usability. If we work together, please expect to spend only 10% of my time on creativity.
  • Conversion Optimization: Web design is not an exact science. So, I perform A/B and multivariant testing to constantly increase conversions and revenue from your site.
  • PPC/Adwords: My clients hire me to manage their PPC campaign because they don’t want to waste time or money. I’m hired because my experience allows me to your lower CPC while increasing conversions.
  • Growth Hacking: Let me implement innovative marketing techniques that encourage and drive your target audience to share your content, products or services for you.
  • Communication: I firmly believe that on the web, it’s not who has the best service or product; it’s who communicates it the best. ~ Lee iacocca
  • WordPress: I know WordPress about as well as I know the back of my hand. It’s the perfect CMS for 80% of websites today. It’s scalability, supported community, and plugins allow this to be the strongest, most cost effective, and timely website development platform on the planet.
  • Email Marketing: I’ve collected 100,000′s of email addresses through strategic but ethical email marketing techniques. I will develop trust and excitement in order to gain and retain customers and followers through a strategic email marketing campaign.
  • Content Strategy  Building a website without a solid content strategy is a waste of time. Whether I help develop your website or execute your digital marketing campaign, I will spend 90% of my time help you develop quality content that is sharable, informative and readable online.